Krasnov, Alexander Vasilievich

ホーム フォーラム バドミントン・コミュニティー Krasnov, Alexander Vasilievich

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    <br><br>Alexander Vasilievich Krasnov (1866-1911) – Russian astronomer, professor at the Department of Astronomy and Geodesy at the University of Warsaw.<br>Biography<br>He studied at the Tsaritsyn male Alexander gymnasium, then at the Kazan University. In 1892 A. V. from Kazan University and was left there to continue his academic career. In 1893 he was on a business trip abroad in (with Prof. W. Schur) and in Paris (with Prof. F. Tisserand and H. Poincaré at the Sorbonne and M. Levy at the Collège de France). From June 1894 he was an astronomer-observer and at the same time assistant professor. In 1895, A. V. Krasnov became a master of astronomy for his work on the physical libration of the moon on the Repsold heliometer. AV Krasnov also observed binary stars, giant planets, and a minor planet 247. AV Krasnov performed a number of works on gravimetry. Together with his teacher DI Dubyago Krasnov performed observations of the solar eclipse on July 28, 1896 on Novaya Zemlya. In addition, they carried out latitude determinations, exact time and gravimetric observations on Novaya Zemlya, in the Solovetsky Monastery, in Veliky Ustyug, Vologda and Moscow. In the period from 1895 to 1898. performed 112 measurements of the lunar crater Mösting A. In 1898, Alexander Vasilyevich Krasnov was invited to the post of professor of astronomy in Warsaw. He became the founder of the Observatory.<br>ProceedingsOn one way of obtaining the integral of the for the motion of the moon “Proceedings of Astron. Obser. Kazan. Univ. „, No. X)The theory of solar inequalities in the motion of the moon “Izvestia Kazan. Phys.-Mat. General. “, 1895 — master’s thesis, awarded Russian. astronomer. totalApplication of the Jacobi method to the consideration of the geocentric orbit of the moon „Warsaw. Univ. Izv. „, 1899 — doctoral dissertationApse curve and special solutions diff. equations of the geocentric orbit of the moon „Warsaw Univers. Izv. „, 1900Ueber singuläre Auflösungen der Diff.-Gleichung der geocentr. Mondhahn Astron. Nachrichten „, 3773Ueber die Herleitung der Hill’schen Lösung für die Mondbewegung unmittelbar aus der Jacobi’schen Gleichung Astron. Nachrichten „, v. 170Notes on intermediate moon orbits Astron. Nachrichten „, vols. 146, 148Determination of gravity for astronomical. observ. cauldron. univ. „Proceedings of the Observ.”, No. IXDefinitions of severity in northern Russia in Helmert’s „Bericht über relative Schweremessungen”, Leyde, 1901Astronomy Public Readings Abstracts „Izv. Kazan. Phys.-Mat. Common. „, 1895Copernicus’ reform of planetary astronomy “Proceedings of Warsaw. Congress of teachers of mat. and Physics „, 1902Memory<br>An impact crater on the Moon is named in honor of Krasnov.<br>

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